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LEAKED: Pelosi Calls Americans Peasants


Being a top lawmaker, Pelosi should have known better.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in politics a very long time, at this point she is too experienced and too weathered to know what is appropriate to say and what is not.

Which is why she likely meant every word when she recently just called millions of Americans “peasants.”

In newly leaked audio which was just released by RNC Research, House Speaker Pelosi is heard on audio that she likes to eat dinner at 5:30 “like a peasant.”


Pelosi stated, “And to this day, my husband, Paul, who was born and raised in San Francisco – I was born and raised in Baltimore – to this day, he likes to dine at 8 and I like to eat at 5:30, like a peasant.”

Pelosi had plenty of time to think about her comments but she said it anyways.