Can Lindsey Graham still be trusted after what he just said?

One of the most surprising developments of this entire impeachment case was when it was discovered that crooked Adam Schiff leveraged his subpoena powers to access Devin Nunes’ phone records.

Americans were expecting a response from Republicans to this shocking discovery. However, when reporters asked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) if he was going to use his own subpoena powers to access Schiff’s phone records, Graham rejected the idea!

According to Breitbart, “No, I don’t have any desire to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records,” Graham stated. “We’re not going to do that. No, we’re not going to do that. I wouldn’t want my phone records subpoenaed. Now, if some investigative body outside of Senate oversight wants to do it, that’s up to them. But when House members and Senate members start subpoenaing each other as part of oversight, the whole system breaks down.”

“I think what he’s doing is setting a very bad precedent,” Graham added. “When politicians start subpoenaing phone records of another politician as part of an oversight process, which is sometimes very partisan, it becomes very problematic for us to do our job. Now, none of us are above the law. So if you had a special counsel or grand jury, then you would be subjected like every other citizen. But you could invoke defenses of being a member of Congress. You’ll have a certain status there. But when we start looking at each others’ phone records and who we talk to, that gets to be chaos, and I will have no part of that.”

Why is Lindsey Graham scared to hit back at Adam Schiff all the sudden? Are we missing something here? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Image credit: National Review

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