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Lindsey Graham Backstabs Republicans


Graham has sparked outrage with some House Republicans.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, expressed his belief that any potential impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden would not result in his removal from office in the Senate if proper due process was disregarded.

According to Newsmax, during an appearance on NewsNation, Graham criticized certain House Republicans who were attempting to emulate the Democrats’ approach in 2019 and 2021, when former President Donald Trump was impeached twice without holding hearings.


Graham highlighted the importance of following a fair process, referring back to the late 1990s when House Republicans conducted a hearing before proceeding with the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. He emphasized that if anyone believed President Biden had committed impeachable offenses, they should take the matter through the committee, allowing the President a chance to respond. Graham expressed skepticism about the chances of success for an impeachment attempt without proper adherence to the established process.

These remarks from Senator Graham come in the wake of Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, introducing a privileged resolution that aimed to force a vote on impeaching Biden within two days, citing concerns over his handling of the southern border crisis. However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did not support the resolution, leading to its referral to the House Judiciary and Homeland Security committees, where it is expected to fail.

McCarthy emphasized the importance of conducting ongoing investigations by the Oversight and Judiciary panels, stating that introducing a resolution on the floor at this stage would hinder the current investigation efforts.