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Lindsey Graham SINKS Biden

Lindsey Graham SINKS Biden


Here’s what happened.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently dropped a bombshell on the American people and announced that he strongly believes President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan which encourages massive social spending and climate spending will be “dead forever”.

Lindsey Graham believes this to be the case because the Senate likely isn’t going to vote on the Build Back Better legislation before Christmas.

According to Newsmax, Graham appears to have a point because even CNN reported that Democrat Joe Manchin and President Biden were “very far apart” on the $1.75 trillion bill.

“The [Congressional Budget Office] and the inflation number last Friday, I think, killed Build Back Better,” Graham stated. “They were trying to pass a lie. And God Bless Joe Manchin for sticking to his guns.”


Graham further explained, “I think Build Back Better is dead forever, and let me tell you why: Because Joe Manchin has said he’s not going to vote for a bill that will add to the deficit. Well, if you do away with the budget gimmicks, Build Back Better, according to the CBO adds $3 trillion to the deficit.”

“[Manchin] doesn’t want to vote for a bill that makes inflation worse — and one thing we haven’t talked about tonight that was mentioned today … the child care provisions in Build Back Better prohibit religious institutions from receiving money. So, if you’ve got a child in a religious institution providing childcare, you will not be eligible for money from the government.”

Graham then referred to the Biden’s Build Back Better plan as a signature issue for the “radical left.” He then noted that it died in the Senate thanks to the Congressional Budget Office.

Graham also condemned Democrats for trying to discredit the Congressional Budget Office and said it is the gold standard.