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MAGA Candidates Disrespect Trump


Not even a thank you.

In a move that has sparked outrage from a number of Republican voters, Republican Sen.-elect JD Vance did not mention former President Donald Trump even once during his victory speech on Tuesday night.

Trump endorsed JD Vance and was a big reason that he was elected into office however Vance still did not thank or even mention Trump after winning.

According to Fox, Vance was one of several top Senate candidates who were in tight races that ended up winning with Trump’s endorsement.


In his victory speech Vance thanked dozens of people that were a part of his team and campaign however there was no mention of Trump whatsoever.

Vance then thanked Trump later on in a Wednesday statement saying his endorsement made a difference.

Vance said later on, “I can’t thank President Trump enough for his support. His endorsement and the work he did to drive turnout – including a huge rally in Dayton on election eve – made all the difference in this race, and led us to the largest battleground victory in the nation.”