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Maxine Waters Drops Biden Bombshell

Maxine Waters Drops Biden Bombshell


Democrats are punishing us at this point.

U.S. Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters just hinted that the Biden Administration is looking into issuing some sort of vaccine mandate. Meaning we can practically guarantee President Biden will enforce some sort of vaccine requirement in the very near future.

According to the Daily Wire, Waters told Fox 11 news, “I think we’re moving toward a mandate. This is very dangerous. And I think we’re finding that people are dying, and younger people are being attacked by this virus. And so I think we’re going to have to be very careful. We’re going to have to be dedicated to the proposition that we’re going to get everybody vaccinated, and that we’re going to stop what I think could be a lot of deaths that would take place without doing it.”

After being asked to further explain what a mandate would look like, Waters said, “Well, certainly health care workers should be vaccinated. It is unbelievable that we had health care workers that were not vaccinated, and so that is a must. And the Congress of the United States, I think we should also have the mandate that you must be vaccinated, that you must wear the masks, we must social distance, because again, the Delta variant is a [killer].”

While Waters did not touch on what a mandate means for everyday Americans, we can be relatively certain that some form of mandate will be placed on us as well.

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Image credit: Market Watch