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VIDEO: Trump Crashes Chick-fil-A


Liberals didn’t like seeing this one bit.

During a recent campaign excursion, Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, made a pit stop at a Chick-fil-A eatery in Atlanta. Amongst the bustling crowd, he engaged with both the staff and patrons, adding a jovial touch to the atmosphere by generously treating them to chicken delicacies and milkshakes.

Videos circulating online captured Trump in the midst of a group of impeccably dressed individuals, exchanging pleasantries with crew members and customers alike. With a camera-ready smile, he posed for snapshots, inquiring about everyone’s enjoyment of the occasion.


In a clip shared by the Right Side Broadcasting Network, Trump jovially requested 30 milkshakes and an assortment of chicken items from the restaurant staff. Expressing his intention to cover the tab for all present, he ensured that everyone was taken care of.

During the interaction, Trump showed genuine interest in the well-being of the staff, inquiring about their earnings and future prospects. He then proceeded to distribute the ordered milkshakes among the customers, reserving some for his accompanying group.

Acknowledging Chick-fil-A as a quintessential American franchise, Trump praised its owner, whom he noted as a member of one of his clubs, commending the establishment’s success and its observance of Sunday closures.

Amidst light-hearted banter, Trump concurred with a remark dubbing Chick-fil-A as “the Lord’s chicken,” before jesting about its delectable taste.

The event marked just one facet of Trump’s itinerary for the day, which included high-profile fundraising engagements in Atlanta and Orlando. Among the anticipated attendees were notable figures from the MAGA camp, such as former Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, as well as business moguls Bernie Marcus and Don Leeburn III.

Following his Atlanta visit, Trump was slated to head to Orlando, where he would be hosted by attorney Dan Newlin for another fundraising event at his residence.