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Maxine Waters Tries To Impeach Who?

Maxine Waters Tries To Impeach Who?

This is shocking!

Shortly after Twitter decided to ban Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters shocked America when she called for the removal of Taylor Greene from the House of Representatives.

Waters referred to Greene as an “extremist radical” and claimed that she had no business being in the House and should be removed.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Waters stated, “Let me just say this — when you talk about Congresswoman Greene, you’re talking about the kind of extremist radical that is now in the House of Representatives who is basically, you know, dangerous. She is dangerous because she doesn’t believe in the Constitution herself. She has been threatening, you know, other members of Congress. They have been all over and in the face of AOC out of New York, following her around, trying to intimidate her.”

Waters later stated, “She has no business in the House of Representatives. She loves guns. She wanted to bring her gun into the House of Representatives, and I think if she stays around, she’s going to create some really difficult problems for us who are trying to serve in the House.”