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McCarthy Warned To Not Mess With Who?


MAGA world is divided.

Former President Donald Trump’s ex-political advisor, Steve Bannon, issued a strong caution to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding Representative Matt Gaetz, stating that they would not allow any harm to come to him.

According to Newsweek, McCarthy, a Republican from California, was elected House speaker in January after a prolonged congressional stalemate. Gaetz, a Florida Republican, had initially opposed McCarthy’s candidacy, supporting other candidates favored by Trump.

On his War Room podcast posted on Rumble, Bannon asserted that there are forces who want Gaetz silenced and prevented from leading inquiries and initiatives. However, the specific entities behind these intentions remain unclear.

Highlighting Gaetz’s importance to their cause, Bannon described him as an American patriot and hero, praising his stance on various issues, including opposing Christopher Wray, the NDAA, and leading the impeachment inquiry into Merrick Garland.


Despite Bannon’s warning, political analyst Craig Agranoff expressed concern over the tension between McCarthy and Gaetz, emphasizing that it hinders the Republican Party’s chances of success in future elections. However, Agranoff doubted McCarthy would heed Bannon’s advice due to Bannon’s controversial reputation.

Bannon has consistently supported Gaetz, especially during McCarthy’s bid for House speaker, where he lauded Gaetz as a voice of reason. Gaetz had criticized McCarthy’s approach to negotiations with President Joe Biden, particularly on the country’s debt limit deal.

Notably, Gaetz had faced a federal investigation over allegations of involvement in recruiting women for sex online, including an underage girl. However, the Department of Justice informed him in February that he wouldn’t face federal sex-trafficking charges. The House Ethics Committee has reportedly reopened its investigation into Gaetz, probing allegations of illicit drug use and potential public corruption, which Gaetz has denied.

When questioned about the investigation, Gaetz stated that he’s focused on his work and not worried about it. McCarthy also claimed he had no knowledge of the investigation and was barred from discussing it with committee members by House rules.