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Fani Willis Regrets Messing With Trump

She did too much, now the tables have turned on her.

Republican senators in Georgia have invoked a recently enacted state statute, aimed at reining in unscrupulous prosecutors, to raise concerns about the actions of Democrat Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Willis is currently prosecuting former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants on charges related to their alleged attempts to undermine the state’s 2020 election outcomes.

According to Newsmax, this state law, known as Senate Bill 92, was signed into effect by Republican Governor Brian Kemp in May. It establishes the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission, which possesses the authority to reprimand or remove district attorneys for various reasons, including “willful misconduct” or “persistent failure” to uphold the law.

A complaint has been formally submitted by a group comprising eight GOP senators, including Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch from Dahlonega and state Senator Jason Anavitarte from Dallas, who chairs the majority caucus. In their complaint, they assert that Willis has selectively pursued cases to advance her personal political agenda. The senators are urging the commission to initiate an inquiry and impose suitable sanctions.

The complaint emphasizes the significance of upholding the integrity of the justice system and expresses concerns about the erosion of community trust in the District Attorney’s Office. This complaint was submitted shortly after the law became effective on October 1, though it does not explicitly mention former President Trump. Instead, it attempts to establish a connection between a series of deaths at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta and Willis’ decision to convene a special grand jury to investigate political opponents while a backlog of cases persisted.

Willis, who has criticized the law as being racially motivated and retaliatory, has chosen not to comment through a spokesperson when approached by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Governor Kemp, a staunch supporter of the law, expressed reservations about the timing of the charges and stated that he had not observed any actions by Willis that contravened the law or established procedures. He acknowledged that while there may be political motivations behind some of her actions, it does not necessarily equate to illegality.