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AOC And The Squad Show Their True Colors


This is not going to go well for AOC and the Squad.

A Jewish House Democrat strongly criticized two members of the “Squad” for their calls to halt assistance to Israel during the conflict in the Middle East.

According to Fox, obtained comments from Representative Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, a Democrat, in which he criticized Democratic Representatives Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Cori Bush from Missouri for their statements following the outbreak of hostilities in the region.

In their statements, Tlaib and Bush, both progressive lawmakers, called for the cessation of U.S. aid to Israel during the conflict.

Gottheimer, who shares a Jewish heritage, pointed out that two of his congressional colleagues had advocated for the termination of American assistance to Israel, despite the widespread images of Israeli civilians, including women, children, men, and elderly individuals, as well as American citizens, suffering due to the actions of the radical Iranian-backed group involved in the conflict.

“Families were forcibly removed from their homes, held as hostages,” Gottheimer remarked. “This represents a deliberate and coordinated act of violence targeting innocent civilians.”


“I am deeply troubled that, while Israeli citizens are dealing with the aftermath of their family members being killed in their own homes, there are calls within Congress to cut off U.S. funding to our democratic ally, potentially causing further suffering for innocent civilians,” Gottheimer added.

The New Jersey Democrat is not alone within his party in criticizing Tlaib and Bush for their statements.

Another progressive Democrat, Representative Ritchie Torres from New York, strongly rebuked the “Squad” members for their calls to suspend U.S. aid to Israel during the conflict with the group in question.

Torres expressed the view that the United States should provide “unconditional” support to Israel during its confrontation with the group in question, which stands in contrast to the positions taken by some of his fellow progressive House members.

“U.S. assistance to Israel should be unwavering and unconditional, especially in this critical moment,” Torres asserted, as reported by Capitol Hill journalist Marc Rod. “Congress must take decisive action to ensure that Israel receives the necessary support to defend itself against unprecedented acts of terrorism.”

The legislator continued, stating, “It is disgraceful and abhorrent for anyone to romanticize the largest single-day massacre of Jewish individuals since the Holocaust as ‘resistance.'”