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VIDEO: Pelosi Has Total Meltdown On Camera


She’s losing her mind folks.

In a recent segment on MSNBC, former House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressed frustration during an interview with host Andrea Mitchell. The irritation arose when Mitchell brought up the possibility of House GOP members seeking to impeach President Joe Biden based on alleged connections to his son’s business dealings.

According to Fox, Pelosi, who had previously championed impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump during his term, appeared dismissive of the idea of Biden’s impeachment. She pointed to what she perceived as successes of the Biden administration and referred to the potential impeachment as “frivolous” and a “diversionary tactic.” Pelosi also criticized Republicans for seemingly having nothing substantial to offer the American people.

During the Friday discussion, Mitchell asked Pelosi about the push for impeachment, mentioning that Pelosi had been cautious about initiating impeachment proceedings during Trump’s tenure, as it is difficult to stop the process once it starts. Pelosi attempted to brush off the question, but Mitchell continued.

The host reminded Pelosi of her previous caution regarding impeachment and its potential implications, but Pelosi seemed unwilling to engage with the question. Instead, she focused on highlighting Biden’s economic successes, including job reports and unemployment rates.

According to Pelosi, the GOP’s interest in impeachment was merely an attempt to divert attention away from these positive aspects of the Biden administration. She accused Republicans of lacking a coherent agenda and changing the subject when it came to delivering real solutions for the American people.

Pelosi expressed pride in her party and their intentions to take back the House in the future. She criticized the current state of the Republican Party, hoping that it would reclaim its principles and not be led by what she perceived as a cult-like devotion to someone like Trump, who she indirectly referenced in her remarks.

In conclusion, Pelosi conveyed her frustration with the notion of impeaching President Biden and emphasized the need for a more substantive political discourse, calling for a genuine and effective Republican Party.