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Obama Team Calls Biden An Idiot


This was unexpected.

Biden is making the United States look down right dumb at this point.

While it has just been learned that the U.S. government appears to have shot down the communist Chinese spy balloon that has been making it’s way across the United States at around 60,000 feet, former President Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had some advice for Biden.

According to Breitbart, Panetta suggested that President Biden was moronic for allowing the Chinese spy balloon to gather intelligence about the U.S. while the government has known of its presence from the very beginning.

Panetta urged Biden to not wait so long to think about what to do while the balloon continues to collect information and hurry up and either intercept it or just shoot it down as fast as possible.


Panetta held back very little and criticized the Biden Administration saying, Panetta said, “I think the United States has to take control of this balloon.”

He then added, “There are two things that are of great concern here: One is that it’s been determined to be a surveillance balloon, which means that it’s gathering intelligence. That’s the purpose of surveillance. So, that’s what the Chinese are using it for. And secondly, it’s maneuverable, which means that the Chinese basically control the direction of that balloon.”

Panetta then explained how the balloon has broken federal law and Biden shouldn’t have to think about taking it down. He explained, “It’s invaded our airspace. It’s obviously invaded our sovereignty. I think it’s very important for the United States to take control of this balloon, either to intercept it or to shoot it down.”

It’s insane to think that President Biden and the U.S. military waited this long to take the balloon down. A decision as simple as this should not have been contemplated for so long. This is a clear indication to China that the United States is not confident and it not only reflects badly on Biden but it also makes America look weak.