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Joe Rogan Calls Trump Crazy And Senile


Why is Rogan attacking Trump so aggresively?

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has once again began attacking former President Donald Trump after he repeatedly rejected having Trump on his podcast multiple times.

According to Uproxx, Rogan began by talking about how much energy Trump had while he was president, “The thing that is incredible about that guy is that, you know, I’m saying even when you watch him as president, he was full of f*cking energy — full of it every day. And they said he slept like four hours a night. He’s one of those people.”

Rogan then insulted Trump and alleged that he was taking prescription drugs such as Adderall to stay energized. “He’s on Adderall,” Rogan said.


The Guest of the podcast, comedian Tom Segura then said, “Yes, I do — only because there were multiple people who used to work on The Apprentice that were like, ‘He was f*cking gassed up for shoots.’”

“Really?” Rogan asked.

“Yeah. Cause he has trouble reading. He doesn’t — he would struggle to read prompter or script when he was just, uh, let’s say ‘sober.’ So they would give him that and he would dial in more on reading,” Segura added.

Later on during the interview Rogan eventually ended up calling Trump a “man baby.”