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Biden Humiliated By D.C. Residents

This is a real eye opener.

President Biden has had a less than optimal presidency since taking office in 2020. The economy couldn’t be worse and Americans are furious about rising gas prices and inflation. The pandemic simply is not ending and Biden has failed to beat the virus.

While much of the mainstream media hasn’t been accurately reporting on how Americans truly feel about President Biden as a leader, the folks over at Fox News decided to take to the streets and ask everyday Americans about what they thought about the president. Democrats and President Biden are likely very upset to have learned what everyday Americans truly think about how Biden handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked by Fox News, a resident named Eric simply said, I’d rate it pretty poorly,” when asked about Biden’s handling of the pandemic.

Jose from Washington D.C. said, “It’s just a year, but I think he could do better.”

a woman named Vivian said Biden handled the pandemic, “not very well.” Adding “But [I] definitely don’t support another lockdown or like future policies that he is trying to implement.”

DeMarco showed his frustration with Biden for forcing vaccines on Americans and stated, “Well, as far as COVID, I just feel as if [Biden] needs to take more action and be more hands-on with things and definitely not force people to take a vaccine.”

While the mainstream media continues to try and blur the lines and paint President Biden in a good light, it’s very clear that most of America simply doesn’t approve of him. We will see what happens in 2022.