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Kamala Ordered To Do Her Job


The American people are begging for leadership.

Things have gotten so bad at the United States southern border that a rancher has been forced to speak to media outlets and is ordering Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden to do their job and fix the crisis.

According to Fox, things have gotten so bad that migrants are actually cutting through Richard Guerra’s game fences which have lead to some very costly repairs.

Guerra told Fox, I’m one of several ranchers here, the property owners, that have been affected by the migration. Basically, the first thing that’s damaged is your fences because they’re trying to access your property.”

Migrants who are trying to cross into the United States are often forced to damage property like fences and more to get into the United States and this is caused serious problems for hard working Americans.


Guerra has an 8,000-acre ranch fixing a mile-long section on his fence could cost him a whopping $10,000.

Guerra pleaded with President Biden and said, “He doesn’t seem to accept the fact that we’ve got a problem.” 

He went on to say, “It’s a big problem, and it’s not just for us ranchers here along the river. It’s a problem for the whole country.”

Kamala was the criticized for going to the border of North and South Korea last month but still refusing to come to the southern border right here in America.

“Instead of coming here, she goes to South Korea to watch that border,” the rancher asked. “What’s that got to do with us?”