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Democrats Confess, Midterms Disaster


They are very worried.

The midterm elections are right around the corner and both Democrats and Republicans have big hopes for November 8th.

Now a former top adviser for both Bill and Hillary Clinton is warning that the Democrats are doomed!

Contributor Mark Penn is warning Democrat that the American people aren’t fooled by their lies. Penn warned the Democrats that voters who are concerned about the economy and issues here in the U.S. outweigh voters who care about the Democrats’ woke ideologies.


In transcript provided by Fox, Penn explained, “Some Republicans came out, who were vulnerable, didn’t see them as qualified, and weren’t as well known. You know that everybody in the planet is watching what’s happening in Pennsylvania and in Georgia. And in that, Warnock seems to have strengthened and Oz seems to have strengthened as well. No, these Senate races are not going to be a runaway.”

Penn then said, “There are hundreds of millions of dollars being spent in some of these races. People look a little bit more at the candidates. I think at the end of the day, there will be some voters who just vote on these issues regardless who the candidates are. And that’s usually what happens if there’s a wave. And we’re getting closer to a wave election as these polls edge up.”

Did you hear what Penn just said? He said “wave,” Democrats shouldn’t be surprised if a red wave hits them harder than ever this November. These midterm elections mean everything to Republican voters who are disgusted with what President Biden and the Democrats have done to the United States.