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VIDEO: Trump Endorses China?

Liberals will say anything to demonize Trump.

Former President Donald Trump’s recent comments expressing a desire for China’s success have stirred a flurry of reactions online. In an interview on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo, Trump asserted that he would not initiate another trade war with China if reelected, contrary to accusations during his first term. Despite his history of anti-China rhetoric, Trump emphasized his wish for China to thrive and praised President Xi Jinping, whom he considered a good friend during his term.

While Trump admitted he would reimpose tariffs on Chinese goods exceeding 60%, reactions online questioned the consistency of his statements. Critics highlighted the apparent contradiction between Trump’s past anti-China stance and his newfound support for the nation’s prosperity. The official Republicans Against Trump account sarcastically inverted Trump’s “America First” motto to “America last” on social media.

American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal super PAC, also chimed in, pointing out the surprise expressed by interviewer Maria Bartiromo over Trump’s praise for President Xi. The conversation expanded to Trump’s expectations of Chinese interference in the 2024 presidential election, prompting skepticism about whose side he truly supports.

Online discussions extended to Trump’s financial ties with China during his presidency, with references to reports suggesting his businesses received millions in payments from various nations, including China. The Democratic user JoJoFromJerz questioned Trump’s stance on potential military intervention against China, given his financial connections.

Attorney Bradley P. Moss suggested that these remarks could be used against Trump in campaign ads, emphasizing their potential impact on public perception. The comments about China come on the heels of a previous interview where Trump avoided explicitly committing U.S. support to Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, citing grievances with Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. In a political landscape where Republicans often criticize Democrats for perceived weakness on China, these comments contribute to the ongoing debate about U.S.-China relations and national security concerns.