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Democrats Promises Citizenship To Illegals


What a joke.

There are thousand upon thousands of migrants being forced to be kept in southern states like Texas and Arizona. However, President Biden and the Democrats have retaliated against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are now giving the 50 migrants he flew to Martha’s Vineyard a path to American citizenship.

According to Newsmax, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has agreed to certify that the migrants who were sent to Martha’s Vineyard sufficiently cooperated with their investigation. Those migrants are now eligible to apply to U visas.

U visas require approval of law enforcement officers before it can be sent to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The reason for a U visa is either to protect victims of crimes who aren’t citizens or they have information regarding a crime.


Currently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is under criminal investigation for flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Democrats claim that DeSantis’ actions took place under “false pretenses.”

Governor DeSantis insists that there was no wrongdoing in the migrant transfer to Martha’s Vineyard.

Recently Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs complained about Biden’s border policy and said, “The bottom line is this: We have no control of the border; the cartels control the border. And [President Joe] Biden does not have the authority to give the Venezuelans special passes to get into America.”