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Pelosi’s Replacement Revealed?

This is going to be a nightmare if it happens.

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff refuses to answer if whether or not he is going to look to replace House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she retires in the near future.

According to Newsmax, Schiff refuses to give reporters a straight answer about his future plans and keeps jumping to the topic of helping other Democrats keep control of their seats heading into the midterms.

When asked by CNN about his future plans regarding the House Speaker role, Schiff simply talked about Pelosi and said, “The speaker has been truly the most impressive and credible and productive speaker in our history. So I hope that she will stay.”

Schiff then said, “If she makes the decision not to stay, right now, all I’m focused on is making sure that we are successful in this midterm, that we have a majority to pick the next speaker.”

Other than Pelosi, Schiff has raised the most money compared to any other Democrat in the House and appears to secretly want the position. Schiff has raised $15 million this midterm cycle coming second to only Pelosi. The third highest Democrat to raise money other than Pelosi and Schiff was Hakeem Jeffries who raised $4.4 million.

Schiff is also rumored to be rallying California Democrats in secrecy pushing for himself to be elected the new House Speaker.

We all know Pelosi is a nightmare House Speaker but can Schiff be even worse? Let’s hope we never have to find out.