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Biden To Boycott WHAT?

Here’s what happened…

President Biden and his administration is now planning to announce that the United States will not be sending any government officials to the 2022 Beijing Olympics by implementing a diplomatic boycott of the games.

According to The Hill, this move by President Biden’s administration will block and government officials from attending, however U.S. athletes will still compete.

President Biden said just last month that a diplomatic boycott was “something we are considering” due to the horrific human rights abuses China has committed against their own people. 

Since American athletes are still expected to compete, this is not a full boycott like former President Jimmy Carter did in 1980 during the Moscow Olympics.

Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Mitt Romney have expressed support of Biden’s upcoming decision in the past.

In the past Romney told The Hill, “In authoritarian states like China, the Olympics has more often been a tool of propaganda than a lever of reform. It is unacceptable for China to have the honor of hosting the Olympics while the Chinese Communist Party commits genocide against the Uyghur people.”