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Pelosi Says The Unthinkable About Biden Fiasco

Pelosi Says The Unthinkable About Biden Fiasco


She’s joking right?

In a recent interview KIPX, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi celebrated President Joe Biden’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan and called him “strong” for doing so.

Pelosi later added that chaos in Afghanistan needs to be dealt with and the military is currently in talks with the Taliban to bring Americans and allies back.

Accoridng to Breitbart, Pelosi was asked if the responded to a question U.S. should send more troops to Afghanistan to help with the transition of power, Pelosi said, “Well, first, may I just say that I commend the president for the action that he took. It was strong. It was decisive. And it was the right thing to do. We should have been out of Afghanistan a while back. But now, we are — unfortunately, one of the possibilities was that it would be in disarray, as it is. But that has to be corrected. And it is my understanding, from the assurances we have received, that the military will be there, negotiating with the Taliban for the safe exit of American citizens and friends, people who have helped us, our allies there, and people who work in the nonprofit sector, but also, not just U.S. NGOs, but those who have worked in Afghan NGOs as well, who would be targets.”


Pelosi also brushed off any concerns about the military leaving billions of dollars worth of guns, vehicles, and helicopters and simply said that some things just get left behind.

“I do believe that the president’s decision was based on one that reduced the prospect of any attack on our homeland. And the president has made it very clear to the Taliban, any assault on any American entity or person would be met forcefully. So, the — this is what happens when you withdraw. You — some stuff, some equipment is left there. It was thought that that would be used — it was hoped that that would be used by the Afghan military to defend its own country. The fact that it did not and could not was all more the reason for us to leave.”

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Image credit: NY1