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President Biden and Family Get Subpoenaed

The truth must come out eventually.

President Biden and his son are facing the possibility of legal proceedings as the House Oversight Committee readies to issue subpoenas for the father-son pair as part of an ongoing investigation into their business activities.

According to Fox, during an appearance on “Mornings with Maria,” Representative James Comer of Kentucky, a Republican, shared insights into the latest developments surrounding the Biden family business inquiry. Comer told host Maria Bartiromo that the House Oversight Committee is actively working on presenting a compelling case.

“Our preparation of a strong case has been thorough,” remarked Representative Comer, indicating confidence in their approach.

He went on to highlight that the anticipated legal process will involve the Biden family, emphasizing, “We are fully aware that this matter will ultimately find its way to the court when the Bidens are subpoenaed.”

The committee, led by the GOP, released recently obtained financial records of the Biden family that reveal earnings of no less than $20 million from countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, and more.

Representative Comer expressed frustration that President Biden has not been forthcoming about the origins of the $21 million, which the House Oversight Committee claims to have substantiated through the provided bank records. He pointedly addressed the issue: “It’s my hope that the media will press the president for a clear explanation regarding the source of the $21 million mentioned in the House Oversight Committee’s findings. Dismissing it as false without addressing the evidence is inadequate. Bank records are objective documents that speak for themselves.”

Asserting that President Biden has been caught in multiple falsehoods, the House Oversight chair insisted that the Biden family’s appearance before the committee is an inevitable outcome. Representative Comer asserted, “The natural progression of this situation is for the Bidens to appear before our committee.”

Representative Comer, hailing from Kentucky, remains unwavering in his pursuit of comprehending the intricacies of the Biden family’s business entanglements. Backed by a trove of documents and numerous testimonies, he is confident in the meticulous case that the committee is constructing against the Bidens.

“The complexities of this case are undeniable, compounded by the challenges posed by the Department of Justice, FBI, Secret Service, IRS, and legal representatives of the Biden family, who have impeded our progress,” elaborated Representative Comer on the hurdles they’ve faced.

Despite encountering obstacles from some of the highest governmental bodies, Representative Comer confirmed that the committee’s endeavors will persist. “We maintain a steady pace of evidence submission, consistently unveiling new information every couple of weeks,” he revealed.