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Trump Releases CHILLING Message, Libs Panic

Trump Releases CHILLING Message, Libs Panic


They can’t cancel Trump now.

In a newly released statement, Former President Donald Trump infuriated liberals and the mainstream media and said that his soon to be launched social media and technology company is being created in an attempt to “save our country.”

According to Newsmax, Trump claimed that his new company wants to break the “chokehold over the voices of the American People” by Big Tech and the mainstream media.

Liberals used to openly celebrate when Americans with conservative views were censored in the media. Looks like they aren’t celebrating anymore.


“The corruption of these platforms cannot be ignored,” Trump stated. “We have fallen far down the ‘slippery slope’ of censorship in our country, and the topics that Americans are increasingly forbidden to debate are among the most important issues of our day.”

He noted that the behavior was wildly aggressive and claimed that it was un-American to do so.

“In a country that had free speech and a free flow of information, none of this would ever have happened — and no one understands that better than the people doing the censoring,” Trump added.

Trump further noted that censorship doesn’t allow topics to be openly debated which is what America is all about.

Trump’s new social media is expected to be released in early 2022.