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VIDEO: Trump Wants To Start A Fight With Who?


Now this is funny!

Former President Donald Trump recently sparked controversy with his joke that the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) should consider establishing a league for migrants, where asylum seekers and illegal immigrants could compete. He made these comments during speeches to Christian conservatives and at a rally in Philadelphia, recounting how he proposed the idea to UFC president Dana White.

Trump described migrants as “tough, mean, and nasty,” suggesting they could form a competitive league within the UFC. He humorously pitched the concept of a champion from the migrant league facing off against the UFC’s regular champion, hinting that the migrant fighter might even emerge victorious due to their perceived toughness.

The former president, known for his outspoken views on immigration, has been a longtime supporter of the UFC and has attended several fights. Despite the controversial nature of his suggestion, White later clarified that Trump’s remarks were made in jest during a conversation they had, emphasizing that it was not a serious proposal.


Throughout his presidency and beyond, Trump has maintained a tough stance on illegal immigration, famously advocating for a border wall during his 2016 campaign and pushing for stricter immigration policies. His administration’s policies often drew criticism from advocates of more lenient immigration laws, as Trump frequently used inflammatory language to describe immigrants, which further fueled debate on the issue.

In recent times, Trump has continued to be vocal about immigration, suggesting policies such as granting green cards to foreign graduates of American universities while also advocating for a merit-based immigration system. These positions have continued to be divisive, reflecting ongoing debates within American politics regarding immigration policy and reform.

As Trump prepares for the upcoming presidential debate against President Biden, immigration remains a prominent topic, highlighting the enduring impact of his policies and rhetoric on national discourse. His remarks regarding a potential migrant UFC league serve as yet another example of his provocative style and willingness to broach controversial topics to rally support from his base.