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Trump To Fire AG Bill Barr?

Trump To Fire AG Bill Barr?


Tensions are high in the White House right now…

It is now being reported that President Trump is juggling with the idea of replacing Attorney General Bill Barr in his second term.

According to Newsmax, Trump stated, “I have no comment. Can’t comment on that. It’s too early,” Trump said after being asked if he would keep Barr around. “I’m not happy with all of the evidence I have, I can tell you that. I’m not happy.

President Trump is angry that even with the mountain of evidence they have against the Obama administration who “unmasked” key names in the Trump campaign during the Russia probe no wrongdoing was found and Barr failed to prosecute anyone.


Trump went on to tell Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, “Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. It’s a disgrace. I think it’s really a horrible thing that they’re allowed to get away — when they say no indictments, they actually said no indictments before the election.”

“I had to go through elections with all those clouds over my head. But they don’t because the Republicans are so nice. Personally, I think it’s too bad. I think it’s too bad, they’re guilty as hell.”‘

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