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U.S. Border Bombshell


This is a catasrophe.

In a new shock to Americans, it has just been learned that the number of migrants who crossed into the United States via the southern border BROKE all of the Department of Homeland Security’s previous records.

According to CBS, In new stats released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they found that 239,416 migrants were apprehended during the month of May. This number broke the record from all the way back in March of 2000!

It is unknown just now many migrants successfully entered, however if an astounded 239,416 were caught how many got away?


It was also discovered that around 25% of the migrants caught in May were also caught last year as well.

69% of the migrants caught were single adults and 14,699 unaccompanied children were found as well.

Unfortunately only 42% of the migrants who were caught were able to be expelled using Title 42 which President Biden was looking to lift.