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Biden Blocks Americans From Gun Access


What about our 2nd Amendment rights?

The White House has announced that on Tuesday, President Biden will unveil an executive order aimed at broadening background checks for firearm sales. The order is set to expand the definition of a firearms dealer in the statute, allowing for more sales to be subject to background checks.

According to Fox, during his visit to Monterey Park, California, President Biden is scheduled to sign the executive order. The purpose of his visit is to meet with families and members of the community affected by a mass shooting that took place in January, killing 11 people and injuring nine others. According to the White House, the order will move the U.S. closer to achieving universal background checks without requiring further legislative action.

As part of the executive order, President Biden is instructing Attorney General Merrick Garland to create and execute a strategy that prohibits former federally licensed firearms dealers, who have either given up or had their licenses revoked, from further participating in the business of selling firearms.


President Biden and the Democrats have made it clear that they do not approve of the 2nd Amendment and this is just one step closer to them getting their way and eventually banning it.

In addition, the executive order will heighten public awareness and encourage the utilization of preventative measures such as “red flag” laws and safe storage protocols for firearms.

The White House has stated that the executive order will hold the gun industry responsible by ensuring that the public and policymakers are informed about federally licensed firearms dealers who break the law. This information is claiming to promote accountability within the industry but we all know what it really means.

Democrats are calling this “common sense” gun safety but Republicans know that it is just one step closer to preventing law abiding Americans from owning guns.