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Biden Breaks Silence On 2024 Run

Will Biden actually run?

There have been concerns over whether or not President Biden would run for re-election once again in 2024 from the moment he stepped into office.

Biden, who is currently 79 and the oldest man to ever serve the United States as president, will be 81-years-old if he chooses to run once again in 2024. Biden has also suffered many mental gaffes and verbal slip-ups due to his old age and people believe he may not be healthy enough to run again.

President Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has just claimed that Biden fully intends to run in 2024 which has left many Americans surprised.

Not only does Biden appear to be physically and mentally unfit to run, the country is on the verge of collapse with soaring inflation rates, high gas prices, and many more issues.

After being asked if Biden intends to run in 2024, Psaki responded, “Yes, that’s his intention.”

Currently, President Biden’s poll numbers are in the gutter and they continue to get worse by the day. Democrat leaders have to be having internal talks about their 2024 game plan especially since former President Donald Trump is coming back for blood in the upcoming presidential election.