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Biden Double-Crosses Voters


Is Biden insane?

President Biden attacked “MAGA Republicans” on Thursday, claiming that they want to defund the police and the FBI. This contradicts the GOP’s frequent allegations that the Democrats are the party opposed to law enforcement.

Did Biden forget who was shouting “defund the police” at the top of their lungs after the death of George Floyd? Now he wants to pin the “defund the police” movement on Republicans.

According to Fox, Biden shocked the audience and said, “MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police department and defunding the FBI now. That’s a good one. I like that.”


In his budget proposal, President Biden, who has earlier clarified that he doesn’t intend to cut funding to police departments, has suggested hiring 100,000 extra police officers, along with allocating funds for community violence intervention and crime prevention strategies.

Biden stated, “My budget invests in public safety. It includes funding for more training, more support for law enforcement at a time they are expected to play many roles. We expect our cops to be social workers, psychologists, and mental health counselors. You know, more cops are killed, responding to┬ádomestic violence┬ácalls, than anything else.”

The summer of 2020 saw progressive Democrats across the country chanting “defund the police” in demand of police reform following the death of George Floyd.

Democrats are now trying to flip the script and accuse Republicans of being against the police which is downright insane.