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Biden Destroys America’s Legacy

Biden is a menace.

In another attempt to alter America’s amazing heritage, President Biden has now ordered Yellowstone National Park’s Mount Doane to be officially renamed to “First Peoples Mountain.”

According to Fox, the National Park Service announced that the name will be changed because the original name has been deemed “offensive.”

Furthermore, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names held a 15-0 unanimous vote to change the name.

Mount Doane was previously named after explorer Gustavus Doane who was a decorated lieutenant during the Civil War who later became a Captain and died on May 5, 1892.

“During what is now known as the Marias Massacre, at least 173 American Indians were killed, including many women, elderly Tribal members and children suffering from smallpox. Doane wrote fondly about this attack and bragged about it for the rest of his life,” the agency explained following the name change.