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VIDEO: Biden Refuses To Drink Hawaii Water


What’s wrong with sleepy Joe?

During his visit to the fire-ravaged state of Hawaii, President Biden encountered an uncomfortable situation involving Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii. The trip took place in the aftermath of devastating wildfires, which tragically claimed the lives of 114 individuals and left several hundred more unaccounted for earlier in the month.

According to Fox, following an inspection of the wildfire’s impact in Lahaina on Maui, a press conference was held. At the end of this conference, Senator Schatz, positioned near the podium microphone, extended a gesture of offering water to President Biden. However, the President did not respond and somewhat awkwardly departed without acknowledging the offer.


While it seemed that President Biden might have heard Senator Schatz, the reasons behind his lack of response remain unclear.

President Biden’s visit occurred amidst criticism from various quarters, as he was perceived as not being vocally supportive of Hawaii and its residents in the wake of the tragic fires. The criticism gained momentum when President Biden, who was vacationing on a Delaware beach, was questioned about the increasing death toll in Hawaii. His response of “no comment” was met with widespread condemnation, as it appeared to downplay the hardships that the people of Hawaii were enduring.

While both Maui County and the Maui Police Department confirmed the current death toll on Sunday, there’s a possibility that this number might rise as ongoing investigations continue in the affected area.