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Biden Family Destroyed

The walls are closing in on the Biden family.

President Biden’s son Hunter faces tax charges in California, adding to his legal troubles after previously pleading not guilty to federal gun charges earlier this year. Former Whitewater deputy counsel Sol Wisenberg, speaking on “FOX & Friends,” emphasized the significance of the indictment, characterizing it as a “devastating” blow for President Biden’s son and a “vindication” for IRS whistleblowers.

Wisenberg argued that the indictment serves as complete validation for the whistleblowers who had struggled to keep the investigation ongoing. He pointed out the timing, suggesting that the charges could have been brought earlier. The legal battle to continue the investigation, according to Wisenberg, was only sustained by the whistleblowers, who ultimately faced defeat. He credited Judge Maryellen Noreika for preventing a questionable plea deal in a federal Delaware courtroom.

From a criminal defense and white-collar crime perspective, Wisenberg criticized Hunter’s defense attorneys, stating that their overreach in negotiating the plea deal led to its collapse. The indictment in California alleges Hunter Biden’s failure to pay nearly $200,000 in income tax for the year 2019. This development follows his earlier not guilty plea to federal gun charges in Delaware, stemming from a lengthy investigation.

These legal challenges coincide with House Republican leaders expected to vote on initiating a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s potential connections to his son’s business dealings.