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Biden Attempts To Frame Republicans


Has Biden lost his mind?

In an attempt to take blame off of himself for the current border crisis, President Biden attempted to frame Republicans for it by claiming that they were trying to score “political points” on immigration.

Biden claimed that Republicans were trying to make the border crisis worse by refusing to sign his Day One immigration proposal.

According to Fox, Biden’s outrageous comments came at the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors winter meeting where he talked about the border.

Biden stated that “immigration is another major issue affecting many of your communities, particularly border communities and near communities.”


Biden is playing a very dirty game when it comes to fixing the border because in his bill, Biden is trying to create a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants who are already in the country and Republicans aren’t having it.

“I’ll continue to call on Congress to act to pass comprehensive immigration reform to fix the system,” Biden said.

“The first bill I introduced was a comprehensive reform legislation on immigration. But because of some in the Congress, they refused to consider it.  They found it a better issue to campaign on than an issue to solve,” Biden added.

“So, we have a choice: They can keep using immigration to try to score political points, or we can help solve the problem.  Immigration reform used to be a bipartisan issue.  And we can make it that again, in my view,” he said.