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Biden Prepares For Impeachment

Is Biden finally done for?

According to newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson, who assumed office following three weeks of Republican turmoil, there is a strong likelihood that President Biden has committed actions warranting impeachment. Back in September, then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated a formal impeachment inquiry into Biden, primarily focusing on potential influence from his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings, which could pave the way for an impeachment trial. McCarthy cited “allegations of abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption” as the basis for further investigation.

According to Newsweek, Biden has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and White House spokesperson Ian Sams emphasized that House Republicans had conducted a nine-month investigation without uncovering any evidence of wrongdoing, even as some GOP members acknowledged this.

In his inaugural interview as speaker on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Johnson expressed his belief that there was evidence indicating impeachable offenses, emphasizing the importance of adhering to due process. He pointed out that the Constitution outlines specific causes for impeachment, including bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Johnson stressed the need to follow the truth and uphold the rule of law, rather than hastily pursuing impeachment based on public impatience.

Meanwhile, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, who played a role in the motion to remove McCarthy from the speakership, viewed the previous impeachment inquiry as a strategic move to protect McCarthy’s position more than a genuine effort to convict Biden. However, Gaetz expressed greater confidence in the impeachment process under Speaker Johnson, describing his approach as more methodical and legal, rather than a desperate bid to retain power.

On October 20, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer shared a check of $200,000 sent to Joe Biden by his brother, James Biden, in 2018. Comer raised concerns about “shady” loans James Biden had received totaling $600,000 from a hospital firm, claiming that these loans were secured with the expectation of leveraging their family name for a significant Middle Eastern investment. However, White House oversight and investigations spokesperson Sams, formerly on Twitter, clarified that the money was explicitly marked as a loan repayment. Sams dismissed Comer’s claims as an attempt to divert attention from the Republican leadership issues, noting that the loan had been extended when President Biden was out of office in 2018 and was transparently indicated on the check.