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VIDEO: Biden Literally Makes Reporter Cry


Biden is a terrible president.

It is well known in the United States that President Biden is not the leader that we desperately need in times like this. Sadly, however things have gotten so bad that the rest of the world also looks as us now and laughs. They laugh so hard that they are literally brought to tears and a shocking new video shows just how bad Biden makes America look.

President Biden has been in the White House for just 2 years now and has already given the world more than enough humiliating mistakes to laugh at. Now, Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi can’t do anything but laugh to the point of tears over just how embarrassing President Biden truly is.

Panahi gave a break down of just some of the embarrassing moments that were caught on camera of President Biden. At the end of her segment she couldn’t hold back the laughter and brought herself to tears laughing at what a joke the United States has become.


People weren’t laughing at the United States like this under former President Donald Trump. Sadly, they weren’t laughing at us like this under Barack Obama or George Bush either. President Biden is on another level of embarrassment and its humiliating.

“Sorry…(laughter)…I’m sorry….no man has ever been better equipped to lead the United States of the United States…and indeed all of the free world than the current Commander in Chief. We’re in good hands folks….oh gosh,” Panahi says.