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Biden Slapped With New Lawsuit


Biden just can’t win.

Reports have surfaced that the Biden administration could face a lawsuit from immigrant advocacy groups should changes be made to the U.S. asylum policy.

According to reporting by NBC News, the changes the Biden administration is expected to make to the asylum policy in the coming weeks could incur a lawsuit.

If adopted, the changes would prohibit immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States if they haven’t first applied for asylum from their country of origin. Furthermore, migrants will be ineligible for asylum in the United States if they cross an international border before applying for asylum.

However, Keren Zwic, the National Immigrant Justice Center’s director of litigation, revealed her organization and its partners would battle the expected changes in court, arguing the changes wouldn’t stand up to a legal challenge.


Zwic asserted that if the changes do what the group expects by “unlawfully depriv[ing] access to asylum [in the United States] based on [the] manner of entry and/or transit route,” then the changes “would be invalid,” similar to Trump Admin rules “found unlawful by federal courts.”

The expected changes, which four senior Department of Homeland Security officials confirmed to NBC News would be announced in the coming weeks, come as Biden faces criticism from the GOP over his lax border policies.

The officials revealed that Border Patrol is setting up more phone booths for remote interviews to ascertain whether or not a migrant is eligible for asylum.

According to the officials, those who aren’t eligible would be quickly expelled.