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Biden Suffers Total Mental Breakdown

Biden Suffers Total Mental Breakdown


Is Biden okay?

The internet erupted after a clip went viral of President Biden at a recent CNN town hall, where he stood completely frozen with his arms locked and fists clinched for an entire 20 seconds. Biden appears to not have a single thought in his head when being spoken to and looked as if he was trying his hardest to pay attention.


People were immediately confused by Biden’s antics and the internet uncontrollably mocked Biden.

According to Fox News, former NBA player Andrew Bogut couldn’t hold back his laughter and wrote, “Biden is straight comedy. Uhhhh Beavis…” referring to the Beavis and Butthead cartoons.

Another social media user claimed that Biden was “about to transform into cornholio,” referencing the iconic cartoon again.

Biden appears to be completely overwhelmed trying to run the country and problems keep piling up. America can’t move on from the covid-19 pandemic thanks to Biden and things continue to get worse is every aspect of life. It’s time Biden step down.