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Biden’s DOJ Blindsides Trump


This is unbelievable!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) believes that former President Donald Trump shouldn’t be immune to civil suits attempting to hold him accountable for the January 6.

The civil cases in question — which include legal challenges from several members of Congress who had to run for cover during the insurrection and challenges from Capitol Police officers who believe Trump preventer them from carrying out their duties — had been consolidated.

The civil challenges also wish to hold the former President liable for physical and psychological injuries.

The Department of Justice’s stance comes as the former President appealed a ruling by a lower court deeming Trump had no immunity from the lawsuits since his actions “to secure or perpetuate incumbency” weren’t part of his role in the White House.


The ruling means Trump could face civil lawsuits as his position in the Oval Office wouldn’t protect him from his January 6 efforts.

In its statements, the DOJ effectively agrees with the ruling, arguing that the broad protections offered to Presidents shouldn’t apply to Trump’s actions, as he incited violence.

In its filing, the DOJ writes that Trump’s arguments only advance “a single, categorical argument” that a “President is always immune from any civil suits based on his ‘speech on matters of public concern,'” whether or not such speech incites violence.

The DOJ then requests the Court to “reject that categorical argument.”

The Department added that Trump’s efforts, like the “incitement of imminent private violence,” wouldn’t be in the “outer perimeter of the Office of the President” therefore, wouldn’t be protected by the immunity offered by the Office.