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Biden Caught Threatening Obama


Wow, this is very revealing!

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Obama for lacking “grace” in response to his son Hunter’s insinuation that Obama may have stolen content from Biden’s speeches. This information stems from emails dated 2010, found on Hunter’s laptop.

According to Fox, on September 7, 2010, Hunter sent an email to his father’s personal account, [email protected], quoting a portion of Obama’s speech at Laborfest in Milwaukee. In the email, Hunter cited a passage from the president’s speech about job loss and its impact on dignity and self-worth. Hunter then questioned the origin of this language, humorously suggesting that Obama could have concluded with the phrase about a “long walk up a short flight of stairs.”

Joe Biden responded with a terse remark, “No grace,” implying his disapproval of Obama’s alleged lack of originality.


Hunter’s implication was that Obama had borrowed phrases from Joe Biden’s 2008 campaign speeches, where the then-senator frequently discussed the profound impact of job loss on families. Biden’s speeches emphasized that work was more than a paycheck; it represented dignity and respect.

For instance, in his August 2008 speech when accepting the Democratic vice-presidential nomination, Biden talked about the emotional toll of job loss and the “long walk” a parent must make to inform their child about it, drawing from his own childhood experiences.

Interestingly, it was also reported that Casey Owens, Biden’s niece and Hunter’s cousin, sent an email to the “auks” account in May 2011, praising Biden’s remarks during the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. She expressed her admiration for her “Uncle Joe” and her memorable day at work.

Additionally, an email signed “Love Dad” was sent from the “auks” account to Hunter on June 14, 2011, where Biden humorously confessed to “stealing” Hunter’s daughter, Naomi, for dinner and the night, promising to ensure she arrives at work on time.