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Cheney Backstabs GOP, Supports Dems


Cheney has shown her true colors.

Republican traitor Liz Cheney who just lost her seat in Congress for being a RINO has completely flipped on the GOP and is now vowing to make it her life’s mission to attack top Republicans who are loyal to former President Donald Trump.

According to The Guardian, Cheney has vowed in the recent interview to politically destroy top Republicans such as Kevin McCarthy, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley who support Trump.

Cheney shocked viewers when she openly said, “I’m going to be very focused on working to ensure that we can do everything we can [to] not … elect election deniers. I’m going to work against those people, I’m going to work to support their opponents.”


Cheney then said both Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have made themselves “unfit for future office” because she doesn’t like them.

Cheney added that both men “know what the role of Congress is with respect to presidential elections and yet both took steps that fundamentally threatened the constitutional order”.

“My views on Kevin McCarthy are very clear,” Cheney later said. “He’s been completely unfaithful to the constitution. … I don’t believe he should be the Speaker of the House.”

Liz Cheney wants revenge. She believes that since her father, Dick Cheney, was the former Vice President of the United States that he has some sort of “right” to be in office. The Republican voters believe that she is unfit for the GOP and that’s why she was voted out by a landslide.