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Civil War? Democrat Issues Threat If Trump Wins 2020

Civil War? Democrat Issues Threat If Trump Wins 2020


Liberals are willing to do ANYTHING to get what they want.

Former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry sent shockwaves after he hinted at a “revolution” if President Trump wins the November election and they believe there could have been some sort of election tampering to favor President Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner, Kerry made his outlandish comments during a virtual Copenhagen Democracy Summit appearance.

“If people don’t have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that’s the stuff on which revolutions are built,” Kerry stated. “If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I’m worried that increasingly, people are disaffected.”


Kerry then suggested that he believes he lost in the 2004 election to Bush due to the same kind of election manipulation and cheating.

“We’re not meeting the standard that we ought to be meeting, so I’m deeply concerned about protecting the vote,” he said.

Kerry was to scared to accuse any Republicans by name but he did claim that there was a history of “certain officials of a particular party purposefully [making] it difficult for the other party to vote where they control those matters.”

Do you think Kerry has a point about Republican “manipulating” the upcoming election? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…