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Democrat Mayors Team Up With Republicans


At least some Democrats have a little common sense.

In a move that has shocked the liberal voter base, three Democratic mayors have come out and are pleading with President Biden to please do something about the border crisis because their cities are getting overwhelmed with illegals resulting in crime and homelessness.

According to Fox, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass urged President Biden to fix the border crisis as quickly as possible.

Mayor Adams explained that there is simply  “no more room in New York” for asylum seekers who are being sent there from Texas.

“This should not happen to any city in America. This is a national problem and our national government, Congress and the White House must do a long-term comprehensive immigration policy,” Adams added.


Adams urged the White House to “deal with the immediate emergency we have now.” 

“Congress has an obligation and a national government has the obligation that brings with it the responsibility of dealing with this immediate crisis. This is a crisis,” Adams added.

Sadly, the three Democrat mayors also decided to blame Republicans such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and failed to realize that Abbott is in the same boat as them because he too is overwhelmed by the crisis.

The mayors accused Abbott of using illegals as a “political pawn” against them.