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Democrats Building Migrant Shelter Where?


Liberal voters are outraged with the Democrats they voted for and it’s hilarious.

A multitude of residents from New York City expressed their opposition to the city’s proposal of converting a former school into a shelter for migrants. This situation arises as the city grapples with an influx of asylum seekers while facing limited resources.

According to Fox, concerned parents gathered around Staten Island’s St. John Villa Academy to voice their objections, highlighting worries about public safety due to the facility’s proximity to several schools in the vicinity.

New York Democratic State Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton appealed to the city to reverse its decision before migrants were scheduled to arrive. She made this plea during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday. Scarcella-Spanton emphasized that the move would hinder the establishment of a proper educational center for the community and noted that the shelter’s placement in a tranquil residential area was met with strong resistance from the residents.

She stressed the persistence of the issue and urged the city administration to collaborate with elected officials who possessed an intimate understanding of their communities. In her view, the chosen location for the migrant shelter was far from appropriate.

Scarcella-Spanton was informed that a considerable number of protesters continued their presence along the streets until the early hours of Friday morning. The protest site featured a prominent banner with the message “NO F—ING WAY!”


The city had acquired the former academy after its closure in 2018, promising to restore it into an educational institution. However, contrary to those promises, officials now intended to house 300 migrants in the facility in the upcoming days, as reported by WABC.

The report also indicated that three individuals were arrested in connection with the protests shortly after midnight.

In response to the community’s backlash, Mayor Eric Adams’ office issued a statement, explaining that the vacant St. John Villa Academy was chosen to serve as a respite location for single women and adult families. The statement acknowledged the community’s concerns and assured them that measures were being taken to manage the site effectively.

Nevertheless, Scarcella-Spanton reiterated her stance that the former school was an unsuitable choice for a migrant shelter. She implored the city to reconsider its decision and remained steadfast in her belief that the location was ill-suited for this purpose.

She pointed out that the community was entrenched in a residential area, and the ongoing protests indicated a collective resistance against the chosen course of action. Scarcella-Spanton asserted that the city had an opportunity to reverse its decision before the migrants arrived and urged them to take into account the community’s perspective.

Earlier, Mayor Adams had called upon the Biden administration to declare a “state of emergency” in response to the surge of migrants, as conveyed during a recent interview on CBS.