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Democrats Let Who Off The Hook But Not Trump?


Why isn’t Trump getting the same treatment? Is the Justice System corrupt?

The Justice Department’s investigation into the alleged improper retention of classified records from his tenure in the Trump administration has concluded without any charges being filed against former Vice President Mike Pence.

According to multiple sources, the investigation conducted by the Justice Department into former Vice President Mike Pence’s possession of classified documents at his residence in Indiana has been closed. These sources have relayed this information to Fox News.

In a recent development, the Justice Department has reportedly sent a letter to the attorneys representing former Vice President Mike Pence, indicating that the investigation conducted by the FBI and DOJ has been concluded. The letter confirms that no criminal charges will be brought against the former vice president.

In January, former Vice President Mike Pence disclosed to both Congress and the National Archives that he had come across documents containing classified markings at his residence in Carmel, Indiana. The documents in question were discovered on January 16 and are believed to be from his tenure as vice president.


On January 18, former Vice President Mike Pence personally informed the National Archives about a small quantity of potentially classified documents that were discovered in two boxes. Additionally, two other boxes were found containing copies of vice presidential papers. The Pence team promptly took action by placing all the documents into a secure safe.

The decision to conduct a search of both the former Vice President Mike Pence’s residence and the office of his political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom, for classified documents was prompted by the initial revelation that President Biden had classified records at the Penn Biden Center. The Pence team cited this as the reason for taking proactive measures to ensure compliance and security regarding any potentially classified materials.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed two special counsels to conduct investigations into the alleged retention of classified records by both former President Trump and President Biden. This action demonstrates the Justice Department’s commitment to thoroughly examine these matters and ensure a comprehensive review of any potential violations related to the handling of classified information.

In an unprecedented raid conducted last August, the FBI seized classified records from former President Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. As a follow-up to this event, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former DOJ official Jack Smith as a special counsel in November to investigate the matter further. This appointment signifies the Justice Department’s dedication to thoroughly examining the circumstances surrounding the seized classified records.