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Democrats Panic Over Trump’s New Promise


Democrats should’ve kept things under control if they didn’t want Trump to gain so much influence.

Former President Donald Trump vowed to “restore New York City” during an energetic rally in the South Bronx on Thursday evening, marking his first major campaign event in his home state since 2016.

“What a turnout,” Trump declared to a boisterous crowd at Crotona Park. “We have thousands more outside the gates.”

Although the event had a permit for 3,500 attendees, many more gathered beyond the security checkpoints in the 127.5-acre park, hoping to catch a glimpse of Trump or hear his speech.

Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, claimed that 20,000 people had RSVP’d for the event, although the NYPD did not immediately provide an official crowd size estimate.

In his address, the leading GOP presidential candidate criticized President Joe Biden’s administration, particularly focusing on its impact on the Bronx and New York City. “Joe Biden is not delivering for the Bronx or for New York,” Trump asserted.

“Our subways are in disrepair, unsafe, and filthy, with ceiling tiles falling down, looking worse than in a Third World country,” Trump, 77, said. “Our highways and sidewalks are crumbling and littered with trash and debris.”

He added, “The most troubling sight is the discarded needles from people who desperately need help.”

Trump also condemned what he described as “mobs of migrants clashing with police and showing contempt for America,” vowing that this situation would not continue.

“Joe Biden is the worst president in American history,” Trump stated. “He is incompetent and has no idea what he’s doing.”


“Our nation is in decline, but we will turn it around,” he promised.

Protesters were also present at the rally. The group Rise and Resist displayed a banner reading, “No dictators in USA,” ahead of Trump’s speech, while another protester held a sign that said, “Convict Trump already.”

The Post observed a heated argument between a protester and a Trump supporter in the line to enter the park, and there was a minor scuffle involving pushing and shoving between opposing groups outside the gates.

There was a noticeable smell of marijuana in the air, though it was unclear whether it was from protesters or Trump supporters.

No immediate reports of arrests or injuries were made.

Trump, who officially moved to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in 2019, has been in Manhattan since mid-April due to his trial on charges of falsifying business records related to “hush money” payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Despite this, his campaign team has been using his time in the city to reach out to traditional Democratic voters.

In the predominantly Democratic Bronx, where Trump secured 16% of the vote in the previous election, voter registration tables were set up near the stage in Crotona Park. More than 50 people registered to vote before Trump’s speech, a number that organizers considered encouraging.

With no court proceedings on Thursday, Trump spent part of the day at his Bedminster club in New Jersey before returning to Trump Tower and then traveling to Crotona Park.

This rally followed a significant event on May 11 in Wildwood, New Jersey, which attracted an estimated 100,000 Trump supporters.

Despite his efforts, winning New York or New Jersey in 2024 remains a significant challenge for Trump. An April Siena College poll showed President Biden leading Trump by 10 percentage points in New York, and a March Emerson College Polling survey indicated Biden was ahead by seven points in New Jersey.