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Democrats Attempt To Take Over Supreme Court

Democrats are heated.

Democratic lawmakers are expressing strong criticism of a recent interview with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito published in the Wall Street Journal. In the interview, Justice Alito stated that there is no constitutional provision granting Congress the authority to regulate the Supreme Court.

According to The Hill, Justice Alito defended his viewpoint, acknowledging its controversial nature, particularly in light of recent efforts by Congressional Democrats to enforce stricter ethics rules. He emphasized that the Constitution does not empower Congress to regulate the Supreme Court in any way.

The remarks made by Justice Alito prompted a backlash from several House Democrats. Representative Ted Lieu argued that Congress has the inherent power to regulate the high court. He reminded Justice Alito that Congress has expanded the number of justices on the Supreme Court in the past, and it possesses the authority to impeach justices and restrict the court’s jurisdiction when necessary. He asserted that no one, including Supreme Court justices, is above the law.

Similarly, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for increased scrutiny of the Supreme Court due to its significant power. She criticized Justice Alito for seemingly believing that checks and balances should not apply to the court, stressing the importance of preventing corruption and abuses of power regardless of their source. Ocasio-Cortez highlighted that the court’s unelected and lifelong appointments make it especially crucial for it to be subject to rigorous examination.

Representatives Katie Porter and Adam Schiff also weighed in, denouncing Justice Alito’s perspective as “controversial” and incorrect. Porter emphasized the need for accountability and transparency for government officials, citing Justice Alito’s attempt to conceal luxury vacations received from private donors. Schiff pointed out that the lack of an enforceable code of ethics contributed to the recent push for reforming Supreme Court ethics standards after investigations revealed undisclosed financial gifts to Justice Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a sponsor of a bill aimed at reforming Supreme Court ethics standards, raised concerns about the Journal author’s association with Leonard Leo, a prominent conservative legal activist who reportedly organized the fishing trip to Alaska that Justice Alito attended, along with hedge fund manager Paul Singer.

Overall, the Democratic lawmakers strongly criticized Justice Alito’s views and highlighted the need for accountability and ethical standards for the Supreme Court.