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Drama Queens AOC And Tliab Cry On House Floor

Drama Queens AOC And Tliab Cry On House Floor


What a joke.

If politics don’t pan out for Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then they sure could find a successful future in Hollywood because these two can act!

Recently on the House floor, Rep. Tlaib asked to speak last at AOC’s meeting to discuss their feelings about the riot which happened at the US Capitol.

And Tlaib put on a show!

According to Trending Politics, Rep. Tlaib began to loudly weep as she said, “On my very first day of orientation, I got my first death threat. It was a serious one. They took me aside, the FBI had to go to the gentleman’s home. I didn’t even get sworn in yet and someone wanted me dead for just existing. More came later. Uglier, more violent.”

“Each one paralyzed me each time. So what happened on Jan. 6, all I could do was thank Allah that I wasn’t here.”

AOC quickly rushed to Rep. Tlaib’s side to show her support and likely also get in front of the cameras so she can been seen for the viral moment.

It was surprising to see such a soft side of Rep. Tlaib, the same woman who called former President Trump a Motherf****r during his 4 years in office.