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Trump Knocks Some Sense Into Biden


Trump isn’t holding back.

During a new speech, former President Donald Trump hit President Biden like never before and talked about the number of failures that have taken place under Biden’s poor leadership and just how broken the Biden administration truly is.

According to Newsmax, Trump said when speaking in Columbia, South Carolina,”Every day is like April Fool’s Day.”

Trump then talked about how Democrats and Biden have made police officers the enemy and said, “They want to defund our police. It’s not even believable.”

“Every day in America has become April Fool’s Day,” Trump repeated calling out Joe Biden and his son after classified documents were found in Biden’s garage.


Trump then later talked about unwinding energy independence which has lead to massive inflation and high energy costs after he created the “greatest economy in the history of America.”

Trump then promised to fix all of the things that Biden has ruined in America and said “And I will do it again, and it won’t even be difficult.”

The former president then said that if they elect him again in 2024, he will force criminal penalties on any future presidents who leave the southern border open like Biden has.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham then backed up Donald Trump and said, “He did it once, and he can do it again. There are no Trump policies without President Donald Trump.”