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VIDEO: FBI Exposes Biden


Even the FBI knows the American people are doomed under Biden!

FBI Director Christopher Wray faced tough questioning on Tuesday regarding the safety of the United States since President Biden took office.

According to Fox, Senator Rick Scott, R-Fla., asked Wray if the country is safer from foreign terror threats now compared to when President Biden assumed office. Wray shocked everyone when he took an extended pause before responding, stating that while the terror threats have escalated, the country has also taken measures to enhance its preparedness in dealing with them. He did not directly confirm whether the country has become safer under President Biden’s leadership.


Senator Scott expressed his interpretation of the exchange on X (formerly Twitter), noting that Wray acknowledged the elevated terror threats. During the same hearing, Wray emphasized that the risk of a terror attack against Americans has increased significantly due to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

The conflict involving Gaza, which initiated a terror attack against Israel on October 7, has raised concerns about potential similar attacks inspired by terrorist groups, including threats from domestic and homegrown terrorists.

When pressed by Fox News, the White House declined to provide a definitive answer regarding whether terrorists have crossed the southern border amidst the ongoing crisis and heightened security threats in the Middle East.